Rajiv Mehra

Managing Director

Rajiv Mehra is an Ex-serviceman(airforce), pioneer of television reality shows in west-bengal . He has produced incredibly successful shows like Mirrakel, Dadagiri, Dance Bangla Dance. He could foresee the growing influence of Internet and it’s reach, and thus he decided to launch, a complete entertainment portal comprising of original contents for Bengalis all over.

Rishi Mehra


Rishi Mehra is the soul of Addatimes Media Private Limited. Young,vibrant and immensely talented. He always finds a solution to every critical situation when everyone else is struggling.

Gaurav Burman


Gaurav Burman is an IT Engineer and heads the technical and marketing team.His immense technical knowledge is a gift to His attitude towards life of 'nothing is impossible' is what keeps the team going.

Antara Mitra

Programming Head

Jack of all trades and even master of all... At Addatimes media pvt ltd Antara Mitra binds the entire team together. From content selection to excecution she is the one person army to do it all. Her sweet nature makes her the most lovable person around office...

Riddhi Barua

Creative Head

Riddhi Barua heads the creative department of addatimes media pvt ltd. He is not just a writer but a dreamer and his innovative ideas is reflected in every piece of content he creates.He is superlatively talented.

Swaroop Kumar Saha


Swaroop Kumar Saha is an IT Engineer and is looking after the It and Digital marketing segment of Addatimes media pvt ltd. He is a great source of positive energy and motivates everyone.His contribution to the organization is priceless.